Friday, February 27, 2009


If you have ordered a canvas from me lately, this is for you! I should have contacted you directly by now; if I haven't, please know that I haven't forgotten about you. Our almost 2-year-old son was admitted into the hospital Monday, and we were just released today. So, I'm pretty behind on painting. He's doing really well, and I'll be back at it very soon. I'm pretty backed up right now, though. Thanks for your patience!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thin Canvas Boards

Matt took the boys to run errands today before naps, so I had the whole day to paint! It was wonderful to just get in the creative mindset and be able to stay there for an extended period of time instead of in 30-minute increments or less. I finished three paintings for my friend, Becky (they were ones like I've already shown here before, so I didn't take any more pictures). I have more orders, but I don't have the canvases in yet, so I actually painted a couple of things for us! That doesn't happen often, but I was so excited. I had some 9x12" thin canvas boards here, so I just let my creative juices flow. The first thing I did was to paint something for our entertainment center shelf. I'd been wanting to do something similar for a while, and I wanted to bring some of that background color in for spring too. I'm still not sure if I'm finished with it, but I'm going to look at it for a while before I mess with it again.
Next, I wanted to do something for the boys' bathroom. I'd painted a paper mache W and C a while ago, but I was tired of them.

Their bathroom is kelly green and navy (cute stripes on the towels and shower curtain). Will has a hard time remembering to wash his hands after he uses the bathroom, so I painted him a reminder (with bubbles since he can't actually read the reminder yet)! I hope it works! After I took these pictures, I added a thick coat of varnish so it wouldn't get ruined on the bathroom counter.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I've been asked recently to paint two canvases with Bible verses on them. Two very different styles, two very different purposes. Equally inspiring families.

10x30" Hope and a Future

16x20" Do Not Fear